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Anniversary Guide

Wedding Anniversary Traditions

Tradition tells us that each wedding anniversary should be celebrated by giving your loved one a gift made from a different material. Paper symbolizes the first year of marriage, but with each passing year, the gifts become more precious or more rare. This progression is meant to symbolize the growth in a couple's relationship through the years.The origins of the traditional list are not known, however some of the traditions are believed to date back to medieval times. Today, we accompany these traditions with a more modern list that not only offers greater variety, but in many cases, puts a higher value on earlier anniversaries. In addition, a list of jewelry and gemstone traditions offers recommendations for those who prefer to adorn their loved one with something truly precious each year.

YearTraditional (U.S.)Modern (U.S.)Jewelry / Gems
1stPaperClocksGold Jewelry
3rdLeatherCrystal, GlassPearls
4thLinen, SilkAppliances (electrical)Blue Topaz
7thWool, CopperDesk SetsOnyx
8thBronzeLinens, LaceTourmaline
9thPottery, ChinaLeatherLapis
10thTin, AluminumDiamond jewelryDiamonds
11thSteelFashion JewelryTurquoise
13thLaceTextiles, FursCitrine
14thIvoryGold jewelryOpal
25thSilverSterlingSilver Jubilee
30thPearlDiamondPearl Jubilee
50thGoldGoldGolden Jubilee
60thDiamondDiamondDiamond Jubilee

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